Liqueurs: Grand Marnier

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Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge is one of the best loved orange liqueurs in the world. It was created in 1880 by Louis Alexandre Marnier Lapostelle. Grand Marnier is made of a delicate blend of tropical oranges with fine Cognac. Then, the slow ageing in French oak casks gives it roundness and subtlety. It is best served neat in a brandy snifter. It mix well with brandy and white spirits.

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This premium liqueur was created in honour of Louis Alexandre Marnier Lapostelle. The recipe was inspired by one of Louis Alexandre favourite rituals: adding a dash of Cognac to his prestigious liqueur. Cuvée Louis Alexandre is an exclusive blend of fine old Cognac from the region’s best areas with the essence of exotic oranges. It has an intense flavour and less sweet than the Cordon Rouge liqueur. It is best served neat in a brandy snifter. It pairs well with chocolate.