Spirits: Vodka

Vodka Bottles

Vodka was first produced at the end of the 9th Century. The origin of Vodka cannot be traced definitively, but it is believed to have originated in the grain growing region that now embraces Poland, Ukraine and Western Russia. It also has a long tradition in Scandinavia. It is a distilled beverage from fermented substances like grains and potatoes. A wide range of ingredients can be used to make Vodka such as sorghum, corn, molasses, grapes and others. It is a rectified spirit (distilled three times) usually not aged, colourless, virtually tasteless and odourless, and generally bottled at 40% alcohol per volume (80% proof). Vodkas may be classified into two main groups: clear and infused or flavoured. Absolute introduced the first flavoured vodka in 1986 called ‘Absolut Peppar’. Vodka can be sipped on its own ice cold but is usually used in mixed drinks.