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Voyant is a fabulous liqueur from Holland.  Made with old-world craftsmanship rarely used in the manufacture of today’s liqueurs, Voyant uses only the highest quality ingredients sourced from all over the World to create the first truly Premium Chai Cream Liqueur. It was launched in 2010 and at the time was the first Chai Cream Liqueur on the market. It is blended to perfection using aged Virgin Island Rum, fresh Dutch Cream, Black Tea from India, premium spirits from Holland and a distinctive blend of spices from Asia, giving it the rich, creamy smoothness that you would expect from a premium liqueur. Voyant was on the Drinkhacker.com 2010 holiday gift guide for best alcohol/spirits. The cocktail revival is strong and enthusiasts are searching for new and enticing products. Asian flavours in food and beverages is a hot trend and new combinations and variations are being introduced all the time. This rich liqueur will enhance your cocktails and tantalize your senses. Genuine spices and tea are being brewed to flavour Voyant so occasionally sediment may appear. Keep the bottle in a cool place. You will find it a welcome addition to the cream liqueur family and overall a good quality product.

How To Serve Voyant:

Enjoy Voyant on ice in a brandy snifter. It is also ideal in coffee and mixed drinks. Try a Jake’s cocktail, an original concoction. For more recipes visit Voyant creations.com.