bartender's tip - How to create a great cocktail

How to create a great cocktail!

Start with fresh fruit, a great liquor, an artisanal mixer, and a little patience and chances are you’ll end up with a fantastic drink.”  from Danny Meyer’s cocktail book.

Whether you are a professional or a home bartender, the success of a great cocktail is FLAVOUR. A balance and tasty cocktail depends as much on accurate measuring as on happy combination of ingredients. There are no strict rules in making  a cocktail but a few basic principles will help you create a masterpiece, and avoid a dull creation.

Rules of thumb:

~~ Know what style of drink ( martini, lowball, shooter, etc ) you want to make.

~~ Stick with one spirit base.

~~ Don’t use more than 5 liquid  ingredients.

~~ Ratio of  spirit to pop/soft drink is 1 to 5.

~~ Ration of spirit to juice ( including freshly squeezed ) is 1 to 4.

~~ Ratio of spirit & liqueur to cream is 1 to 3.

~~ Dress your cocktail with the right glass.

~~ Think of the  WOW… factor when making you garnish.

~~ Pay attention to aromas.

FYI – Invite your cocktaillian friends for extra fun.

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