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Castries Peanut Rum Crème Liqueur


A Well Kept Secret

Castries is a rum-based liqueur from the island of St-Lucia in the Caribbean. Castries Crème Liqueur was released in 2007 and was the first super premium peanut flavoured spirit in the world. Castries is produced in small batches in the luminous city of Castries, St-Lucia, the city with which the brand shares its name. If you have traveled to the Caribbean, you know that each island has its own unique variation of rum-based liqueur. Castries is a creamy blend of peanuts and fine aged St-Lucia rum with a hints of vanilla and a secret blend of spices. The peanuts are grown in the fertile volcanic soil of the island villages of Laborie and Choiseul and are hand picked and roasted on site. Castries home page description is “creamy, seductive, sensual, pure”. The liqueur is distributed by Team Spirits Imports Company in New York. Castries has been awarded  ‘Best Cream Liqueur’ four times by the Beverage Testing Institute. It is available only in 750ml bottles and is 16% ABV. Even thought Castries Peanut Crème Liqueur has had many positive reviews, it is still fairly unknown, perhaps because peanut allergy is common and can cause a serious reaction.

Buy on line at Drinkupny.com  or  Astrowine.com .



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World’s Highest Rated Vodka – Moulin Vodka

Angoulême city and Plaine de la Beauce region, France Vodka, the recession proof spirit.  There is another new vodka brand and this one is from France.  It is made in the Charente department, the same region that Grey Goose comes from.  Moulin Vodka is handcrafted in the town of Angoulême, at the heart of the […]

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Mandarine Napoléon Liqueur

  I discovered the Mandarine Napoléon for the first time while working at a Swiss/French restaurant in the 1980s. The Mandarine Napoléon is an exquisite orange liqueur, a blend of mandarins and 10 year old Cognac. It is made with all natural ingredients and the mandarins are sourced from Sicily and Corsica, the home of  […]

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New Trend – Maple Flavored-Whiskey

Maple syrup is a distinctive North-American product. The wonderful flavour of maple syrup has been a chef’s staple for many years and now it is used by bartenders. Maple syrup packs more complexity and flavour than the simple sugar syrup. Maple flavour is also making a subtle entry into the spirit category of whiskeys. The […]

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Imbibers’ Summer Reading

It’s summer, the workload lighter and the chance to have an afternoon off to relax with a book is significantly higher. Alcohol is a tasty subject and here are five books that serve up a dash of drink history. They are fun, interesting and will take you from the pirates of the Caribbean Islands to […]

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Malibu Launches New Flavours

  Malibu rum is a coconut-flavoured rum made from natural coconut extract. Originally, the product was used simply to make Piña Coladas by bartenders and was produced in Curaçao. The product took off, and the production was moved to Barbados where the rum was made by West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd. and the quality of […]

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New Smirnoff Sorbet Light Vodka

Fashion and cocktails mix well. Last May during Austin fashion week, Smirnoff launched a new product, Smirnoff Sorbet Light Vodka. Smirnoff  is making a splash with a new reduced calorie line of vodka specialties. Smirnoff Sorbet Light has only 78 calories, and contains only 1.3 grams of carbohydrates, and 0 grams of fat or proteins […]

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Absolut Cherrykran

Absolut  is a brand of vodka produced in Sweden. It is owned by the French group Pernod Ricard. Most of Absolut’s recent releases have been part of their city logo bottles. It is nice to announce a new flavour in their line-up, Cherrykran.   Released in 2012,  Absolut Cherrykran is flavoured with a mix of […]

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A Dash Of Cocktail History

Golden Cadillac The Golden Cadillac is a  modern classic from the 1950s era. The cocktail was created at Poor Red’s Bar-B-Q located in the little town of El Dorado, California.  Perhaps inspired by the Alexander from the early 20th century, this luscious drink combines Galliano Italian liqueur, white crème de cacao, and cream. The original […]

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How To Make A Bow Tie Garnish

The garnish is an integral component of a cocktail.  Garnishes that a bartender makes quite frequently when mixing drinks are  fruit wedges, slices, and twists. Get creative! For example, dress up your cocktail with a bow tie. It is easy to make and doesn’t require special tools. Use firm fruits and vegetables such as apples, […]

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