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Carbonated Cocktails – A Hot Trend

 Carbonated Cocktails Still A Hot Trend

Fizzy & Cool – that’s the way we like it!

Adding a little fizz to a drink can make it more dynamic and appealing. Offering carbonated cocktails is the hottest trend in restaurants and bars all over North-America, reminiscent of the golden age of the soda fountains. What’s old is new again! Modern and cool looking carbonating system devices have appeared on the market and made popular carbonated beverages once again.

The concept of carbonation dates back to the nineteenth century. The vintage syphon bottle was created in 1829, when two Frenchmen patented a device that basically added CO2 to a liquid in a container to dispense a fizzy beverage. The soda syphon bottles were popular in the 1920s and 1930s but the destruction of  most manufacture plants during WWII led to a decline in their popularity.

What’s old is new! Modern looking design and easy to use devices have made carbonated beverages popular again. The ISI cannister systems have a vintage look. The ISI system add effervescence to your favourite cocktails. It is available on line and the price varies from $57 to $75. The coolest gadget on the market is the Perlini system. The equipment comes in a James Bond style silver breifcase. The bottle functions  like a shaker but the shaker is a pressure vessel that is pressurized with carbon dioxide. Arrive at a home party with your cool silver briefcase and you’ll be the most popular person, guaranteed! It was introduced to the Canadian market last year. It is not cheap though, the Perlini system costs $200.

Good shaking!


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Food & Drink Expressions

Ever wonder about the origin of everyday food and beverage expressions?  Here’s a few delicious answers: COACH POTATO Couch Potato, a term coined by Tom Iacino and friends for a group appearing in the Doo-Dah parade of Pasadena, California in 1979 and denoting a person who likes to watch TV sitting on the couch, as […]

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BARTENDER’S TIP – How To Create A Great Cocktail

Whether you are a professional or a home bartender, the success of a great cocktail is FLAVOUR. A balance and tasty cocktail depends as much on accurate measuring as on happy combination of ingredients. There are no strick rules in making a cocktail but a few basic principles will help you create a masterpiece, and avoid a dull creation.

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The Cold Facts About Ice

The Cold Facts About Ice In Cocktail Preparation Many cocktails have to be properly chilled. Ice, of course, plays a very important role here. Whether it is shaken with the ingredients and then strained away, or simply added to the drink, the ice used need not be plain. Ice is often considered a trivial element […]

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New LocoNut liqueur by Captain Morgan

Summer is about to get Loco! New LocoNut liqueur by Captain Morgan arrives just in time for the summer garden parties. Who doesn’t like the combination of coconut and rum? The LocoNut is a blend of Caribbean rum, coconut liqueur, spice, and other natural flavours. It is gluten free, if it is important to you. […]

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More Than Just A Bottle

A brief look at some funky, goofy, scary and original liquor bottles

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La Pinta – Licor De Granada Al Tequila

La Pinta Pomegranate Liqueur Made With Tequila Years ago, natives of this “Land of Colors” in Nahuatil created a drink made with pomegranate juice and a distilled spirit known as “Ponche de Granada”. The creators of La Pinta drew on their fondness for the traditional pomegranate punch and developed an ultra-premium liqueur which is truly […]

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Kahlúa Christmas Flavours

A well-stocked bar during the holiday season includes a bottle of coffee liqueur. The Kahlúa brand is the world favorite. It is made from the finest roasted Arabica coffee beans, the sweetest vanilla, and the purest cane spirit all blended together to create a rich and delicious coffee liqueur. ‘Tis the season… to discover and […]

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Pink Gin

Pink Gin – Classic Cocktail

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How To Make A Great Martini

The Classic Gin Martini Even though gin is British, when combined with a bit of vermouth and a few olives  it becomes the quintessential American cocktail, The Martini. Dry and very cold, that’s the secret to a great martini. Use the best gin and vermouth that you can afford, it will make a difference.  In […]

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