sparkling tequila cocktail

Teqava Sparkling Drink

Who wouldn’t like the combination of bubbly with tequila? The first sparkling tequila cocktail, TeQava was launched at NY fashion week. It was poured at the Allure’sĀ  VIP lounge at the famous Empire Hotel. TeQava CEO ” TeQava is the answer for cockail drinkers looking for a premium tequila experience without the harsh flavour and burn of most tequilas. Our customers wanted something different, something refreshing, sweet, and bubbly.”

About TeQava: TeQava drink is a triple-distilled blend of silver tequila made with 8 year old agave, the purest tasting of the tequila classes. Mixed with natural organic flavours, and then carbonation. It offers a drink that is easy to pour and even easier to drink.