The chemistry and technology of modern flavour science result in complex formulated products enabling specific flavours to be added to a huge range of beverage and food products. Vodka dominates the white spirits global market and it was just a matter of time for the explosion of unusual vodka flavours to become a worldwide phenomenon. If you didn’t think smoked salmon flavoured vodka was possible, think again. Some of these vodkas are worthy of a Star Trek galactic soirée. Cocktail Hunter has chosen unususal vodka flavours that it would take on the Entreprise to share with a bunch of alien friends.

Unusual-Vodka-Flavors-smoked-salmonThe Alaska Distillery specifically crafted this Smoked Salmon flavoured vodka to be enjoyed in a Bloody Mary.

"Bakon-vodka"For the carnivorous imbiber, Bakon Vodka is made by Black Rock Spirits in Seattle, Washington.

unusual waffle-flavored-vodka Georgi Waffle flavoured vodka by Star Industries . If you like to drink in the morning, this one is for you. Where’s the maple syrup?

unusual vodka flavor Naked Jay 'Big Dill - Pickle vodkaNaked Jay  is a Pickle flavoured vodka. According to Jay’s Naked thoughts ‘Let the fun fly, and pour yourself a glass and dill out’.

unusual lemon grass and ginger flavor vodka- magic moments vodka
The Indian  Magic Moments Remix vodka is a Lemon Grass & Ginger flavoured vodka.

Unusual flavored vodka - Cup Cake Frosting vodkaThe  Cupcake flavoured vodkas are: Chiffon, VerryBerry, Frosting, Devil’s Food, Chocolate, and Ginger Snap. If real cupcakes have to many calories, perhaps this vodka is for you?

360 Glazed Donut vodkaVodka 360 Glazed Donut flavoured vodka. The American brand will not be outperformed when it comes to unususal vodka flavours. Less calories than a real donut, so get your sugar fix with booze.

Three Olives Bubble Gum flavoured vodka. Don’t forget this is not for children.

Smirnoff Whipped Creamand Fluffed Marshmallow vodkaSmirnoff Whipped Cream and Marshmallow flavoured vodka. I have an idea for Smirnoff next flavour: peanut butter & marshmallow!

Pinnacle Cookie Dough vodkaPinnacle Cookie Dough flavoured vodka. The French company has created many unusual flavours such as Cotton Candy, Cucumber & Watermelon, Pumpkin Pie and others. Ooh, la la.

Van Gogh peanut butter and jam flavor vodkaVan Gogh  Peanut butter & Jam flavoured vodka. The Dutch Van Gogh company is recognized as the best in the flavoured vodka industry. The PB & J flavoured vodka proves the claim.

tabaco vodka

Ivanabitch Introduces World’s First Tobacco & Tobacco Menthol Flavored Vodka.


Weird or not, perhaps one of these unusual vodka flavours might tickle your taste buds.
Let us know if you know about other crazy vodka flavours.