Amaro Averna

Amaro Averna is an Italian herbal liqueur in the Amaro category and it is produced in Sicily. Amaro, which means bitter, is typically produced by macerating herbs, roots, flowers, and /or citrus peels in neutral alcohol or wine spirits, then aged in casks or bottles. Amaro is the quintessential after-dinner digestivo in Italy. There are hundreds of brands and the well known ones  in North-America are Ramazzotti, Lucano, and Fernet-Branca.

Amaro Averna

Amaro Averna was founded by Salvatore Averna in 1868. The company grew internationally under the third generation of the family and is managed today by the fourth generation. Averna is an excellent liqueur with full-body and smooth taste, extremely pleasant for every moment of the day. I found that the bittersweet flavour is well suited for mixed drinks. It is outside of most people’s idea of a cocktail ingredient, but I encourage you to give Amaro Averna a try.

Try a Darkside Martini featuring Amaro Averna.