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Top 10 Holiday Cocktails

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Christmas Cocktails

FaLaLaLa…’Tis the season to add some pizzazz to your holiday fête! The holiday season is a wonderful time for entertaining, and nothing gets everyone mingling better than a great cocktail in a festive atmosphere. The following are 10 fantastic holiday cocktails that will make a great sensation at any party or casual get-together.

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1. CHAI NOG  – Christmas in a glass.

2. FRENCH MARTINI – Indulge in a rich and fabulous martini.

3. LANESBOROUGH – Timeless, effervescent, and joyous.

4. CANDY CANE – Refreshing with strong minty flavours.

5. JACK HONEY TODDY – Guaranteed to chase away the winter chills.

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6. TOM & JERRY – Get into the spirits of the season with this classic.

7. BUTTERBALL SHOOTER – Here’s a really creamy little drink that will definitely get you in the holiday mood.

8. SIBERIAN EXPRESS MARTINI – For those indulgences we allow ourselves during the holiday.

9. MULLED WINE – A seasonal treat.

10 BOURBON FLIP – If you like bourbon then this is the perfect Christmas drink for you.

Wishing you a Very Merry Cocktail Time!

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Liquore Strega

Liquore Strega – The Witch The name Strega, a popular proprietary liqueur produced in Campania, is Italian for “witch”. The liqueur got its name also because it is supposedly based on a witches brew. The legend  has it that witches disguised as maidens first made this liqueur in the city of Benevento. The aphrodisiac love-potion, […]

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Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin

Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin Luxardo started to produce its London Dry Gin in 1936, based on the family’s original recipe dating back to the famed “Ginepro di Dalmazia” or Juniperus Oxycedrus (which is produced by steam distilling the branches and berries of the Juniper tree to release its fresh and earthy essential oils.) also known […]

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Pama Liqueur

Pama pomegranate liqueur is American, released in 2006, and produced by Pama Spirits Co of Bardstown, Kentucky.  Pama is becoming a mainstream ingredient used in mixed drinks by bars and restaurants all over North-America. Pama is the category leader in pomegranate liqueur. This is not surprising, because of its authenticity, balanced flavour, and beautiful bottle. […]

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Cocktail Trivia – Name That Rum Drink! Answers

Name that rum drink? Scroll down for the answers. ANSWERS: 1. Daiquiri  2. Cuba Libre  3. Piña Colada  4. Mojito  5. Cable Car  6. Dark’N Stormy  7. Hurricane  8. Mai Tai  9. Island Breeze  10. Hot Buttered Rum Let us know if you like the quiz.

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North American White Whiskey

FEW white whiskey is bottled before it meets the barrel, this white whsikey retains an unadultered flavour with a crisp bite.

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