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New LocoNut liqueur by Captain Morgan

Summer is about to get Loco!

captain morgan loconut liqueurNew LocoNut liqueur by Captain Morgan arrives just in time for the summer garden parties. Who doesn’t like the combination of coconut and rum? The LocoNut is a blend of Caribbean rum, coconut liqueur, spice, and other natural flavours. It is gluten free, if it is important to you. It comes in a cool and coconut-scented bottle. I got a bottle a few weeks ago, and it was love at the first sip! It has a light texture, and it is not too sweet with a pronounce coconut flavour. It is best enjoyed as a chilled shot, Captain Morgan LocoNut can also be served in a tropical cocktail or mixed shot. The liqueur is 40 proof (20%ABV) has a suggested retail price of $14.99 (US) so wallet friendly. Jump into summer with a bottle of LocoNut.

Cocktail Hunter liquid kitchen recipes creation coming soon!


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More Than Just A Bottle

A brief look at some funky, goofy, scary and original liquor bottles

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La Pinta – Licor De Granada Al Tequila

La Pinta Pomegranate Liqueur Made With Tequila Years ago, natives of this “Land of Colors” in Nahuatil created a drink made with pomegranate juice and a distilled spirit known as “Ponche de Granada”. The creators of La Pinta drew on their fondness for the traditional pomegranate punch and developed an ultra-premium liqueur which is truly […]

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Kahlúa Christmas Flavours

A well-stocked bar during the holiday season includes a bottle of coffee liqueur. The Kahlúa brand is the world favorite. It is made from the finest roasted Arabica coffee beans, the sweetest vanilla, and the purest cane spirit all blended together to create a rich and delicious coffee liqueur. ‘Tis the season… to discover and […]

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Pink Gin

Pink Gin – Classic Cocktail

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How To Make A Great Martini

The Classic Gin Martini Even though gin is British, when combined with a bit of vermouth and a few olives  it becomes the quintessential American cocktail, The Martini. Dry and very cold, that’s the secret to a great martini. Use the best gin and vermouth that you can afford, it will make a difference.  In […]

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Sparkling Tequila Drink

Who wouldn’t like the combination of bubbly with tequila? The first sparkling tequila cocktail, TeQava was launched at NY fashion week. It was poured at the Allure’s VIP lounge at the famous Empire Hotel.

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Amaro Averna: Try it in a cocktail

Amaro Averna is an Italian berbal liqueur in the Amaro category, and it is produced in Sicily. Amaro (means bitter) is typically produced by macerating herbs, roots, flowers, and /or citrus peels in alcohol either in neutral or wine spirits, and aged in casks or bottles. Amaro is the quintessential after-dinner digestivo in Italy. There are hundred of brands and the well-known ones in North-America are: Ramazzotti, Lucano, and Fernet-Branca.

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Voyant Chai Cream Liqueur

Voyant Chai Cream Liqueur Voyant is a fabulous liqueur from Holland.  Made with old-world craftsmanship rarely used in the manufacture of today’s liqueurs, Voyant uses only the highest quality ingredients sourced from all over the World to create the first truly Premium Chai Cream Liqueur. It was launched in 2010 and at the time was […]

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Garnish Made Simple For St Patrick’s Day

It is already March 15, which means that St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Make cool little green garnishes with fresh fruits for your St. Paddy’s cocktails. I came up with these DIY decorations that are fun, really easy to make, and  inexpensive.   I used the fruits that I had on hand […]

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