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The Cold Facts About Ice

Preparing and Using Ice

Many cocktails have to be served properly chilled. Ice, of course, plays a very important role here. Whether it is shaken with the ingredients and then strained away, or simply added to the drink, the ice used need not be plain.

using ice in cocktails

Ice is an often under valued key element in most drinks. Designer ice has created a buzz in the world of craft cocktails in the last few years, so much so that it has reached non-cocktail establishments. Ice is vital both for making and for serving cocktails, and it can make a huge difference to the success of a drink. For a long time people ignored ice, but with the current cocktail renaissance amateurs and professionals are paying attention to every detail that goes into making a good cocktail. Aspiring bartenders must learn how ice affects drinks. When it comes to ice, size, shape, and density do matter. Small brittle ice will quickly dilute your drink and no one wants a slushy drink. Larger pieces of ice will melt more slowly, bringing your drink closer to the temperature of the ice without over-diluting it. Designer ice is everywhere and a hot trend in the industry. Ice is part of the new modern bar tools kit. A few things to take in consideration about ice cube sizes. Large ice cubes are good, but on the other hand cocktails like Juleps and Swizzles take smaller ice cubes to infuse the ideal amount of water into the mix. Premium liquor would benefit to be served with a large ice cube to minimize the amount of dilution. Also, appearance and aesthetics play a part in  a cocktail creation so the size  of the ice matters.

Here are the latest  trends:

Commercial  ice machines have come a long way. Now, the machine can make different sizes of ice cubes. The preferred brand for businesses is Kold-Draft.

Commercial-Ice-Machines-KOLD-DRAFT-Ice Machine-Comp

Upscale establishments buy a block of ice and design their own shapes and sizes of ice to fit specific glassware. Interested in doing your own designer ice cubes, visit Clinebell equipment.


Large ice cubes tray used for premium liquor. Visit amazon.com


 Small ice balls tray used in mixed drinks. Visit Cgets.com


 Large sphere ice tray used for premium liquor and single malt Scotch. Visit MoMA store.com.


Don’t be surprised when your server ask “what style of ice would you like with your Scotch?”.


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