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10 shots that you want to try

Raise the bar this New Year’s Eve and make these exquisite and impressive shots. 10 little beauties combining creativity, flavour, and a steady hand. Visit How To Make A Layered Shot.

top 10 shooter_1

10. Angel Tit’s – A sweet one.

9. Vibrator – Fruity and creamy.

8. Gladiator – Thumb up for this one.

7. Cherry Jelly Shot – Who wouldn’t like a Cherry Jelly Donut.

6. Water Bubba – It tastes as good as it looks.

top 10 shooter_2

5. B52 Shooter – The classic always in vogue.

4. China White – Easy to go down.

3. Tequila Bracer – Indulgence awaits!

2. Blow Job – Easy to make and fun to gulp down.

1. Jelly Fish – The coolest one of them all.